I recently saw on the cover of a newspaper one of the most ridiculous headlines ever. The headline read: This Year’s 50 Best & Worst Beach Bodies: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. I do not blame anyone if they find that heading problematic as it implies that there are best and worst bodies in the world, which is wrong on many levels. One, it is not beneficial to assess, compare, or rate someone else’s body. Two, such ratings are grounded in fatphobia and inexplicable anxieties people have towards weight. …


Sure, there is no point in arguing that people are not lonely, especially from the wear and tear effect Covid-19 has had on the world since it took over, but if we remove covid-19 from the equation, how extreme are people lonely these days? Loneliness is not a thing to be made fun of, given that anybody can be lonely at any point in their life. It is not to be taken lightly either because loneliness could graduate into something worse. Currently, the rate at which someone can be lonely has increased compared to loneliness in the 1980s. According to…

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(a poem)

I see a clot of a nightmare floating in your eyes.
You have locked your lips around a riveted knot and have kept the coarse thoughts you burrowed in a maze.

In this turbulence,
Would you please lay you down?
Twist the rules of all
prophecies formulated to suit intention.


Even though the world is gradually going back to the way it was before the covid-19 haze, the impact of Covid-19 on individual well-being and community bonding is still lurking. Regrouping after covid-19 has been one of the most challenging things to do this year — all the time spent in isolation and worry has taken a toll on my perception of self. I’ve lost touch with many things in my life: I have become very time-sensitive and have needed to find grounding quite often. But that is not to say I am not happy the world is coming back…

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Have you tried getting into dance but always felt like you did not belong? Perhaps you think dance is not for you, but why would it not be for you? Most often than not, we assume we must be perfectly skilled in something to enjoy it, but that should not be the case. Every art form is Utilitarian and does not need to fit into any fixed idea of what it should be. Art is ever-changing, evolving, and malleable, so before you bash yourself down for not being able to do it “right,” ask yourself, “On whose terms am I…


It is a relief to see that people have started engaging in conversations about consent culture and hold one another accountable. Having the power to choose is critical, but having people respect your choices and not convince you to change them is even more powerful and needed. Staying out of trouble, or avoiding being canceled, should not be the only reason to ask for consent. It is necessary to ask for consent because you trust the person involved to make their own decisions regarding how they share their space, body, and anything else. …


About a month or so ago, I saw this video of Andy Murray from a 2017 interview. He corrects an interviewer who used language that excluded and overruled the achievement of female tennis players. Of course, that was not the first time misogyny sprung up in sports, whether conscious or not, but as little as Andy Murray’s action may look, the video brought me so much comfort that a man stopped the conversation to ensure that records are straight.

When someone mentions feminism, people tend to associate the term with a bunch of angry women crying to the world that…

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(to my other… )

I stray from the path of love

When beauty sings like a dove

along with the midnight breeze.

Thirty-two pieces of cigar on the balcony.

I lose a quarter of me and search

for the entirety of you.

2020 “Journalist of the Year” Yamiche Alcindor by The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ)

We need Black everything: journalists, doctors, lawyers, chefs, musicians, teachers, architects, everything! We need Black people in every profession for representation, rewriting history, and changing the narrative that far too often excludes or misrepresents Blackness. The work of every Black person in a predominantly white field is layered with burdens of racial representation and breaking stereotypes. This essay gives reasons why we need Black journalists in these times. In addition to the burdens that Black people in predominantly white fields carry, Black journalists also bear the weight of Black Histories on their shoulders. Mass media (and themselves) subconsciously expect them…

(A poem)


I know why I do not know my name:

I was born of the sun,

In a place that never existed.

I am the night — darkness in a tunnel that knows no light.

Akua Ameyaa

Akua Ameyaa’s works have appeared in Hashtag Oz Magazine, JEPC, and elsewhere.

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